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Spoonful Magazine

Spoonful Magazine, issue #8

Just got my copy of Spoonful Magazine with this lovely note. My drawing Red Carnation is inside.

Sketchbook Project Limited Edition Book Vol 1, 2012

My drawing Sea Secret is published in The Sketchbook Project Limited Edition Vol 1.

Inspired by the song Liquid Diamonds of Tori Amos - There is a sea secret in me..

Pocketful 2

Pocketful Illustration Magazine, issue 9, 2014

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FEATURING, issue 4, 2013


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Artflow Magazine, issue 12, 2012


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Sketchbook Project Limited Edition Book Vol 1, 2012 

Time Out 2

Time Out St. Petersburg #2(240), 2012

Time Out 1

Time Out St. Petersburg #25(237), 2011

Pocketful Illustration Magazine

Pocketful Illustration Magazine, Issue 7 : Second to the right, and straight on till morning

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