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Modern Botanical Art: painting, graphics, sculpture” by Anna Aleshina

Modern Botanical Art: painting, graphics, sculpture by Anna Aleshina
Publisher: Bombora, 2021

Black & White

Black and White: graphics in botanucal art - exhibition catalogue, Moscow, 2021

Heaven Eyes

Heaven Eyes by David Almond - 2020

A young adult novel “Heaven Eyes” by award-winning author David Almond with my cover and illustrations, published by Kachelly publishing house.
24 half-page illustrations, 30 small illustrations for chapters, sketches for endpapers. 

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Panacea Flower

Revived Panacea Flower: medicinal plants - echibition catalogue, Moscow, 2020
SABA annual botanical art exhibition

Flower Splashes

Flower Splashes - exhibition cataloque - 2020
The Sochi Art Museum, Sochi, Russia
18 September -  11 December 2020

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Endangered Beauty catalogue

Endangered Beauty: Red Data Book plants of the world - exhibition catalogue
6th Moscow Exhibition of Botanical Art and Illustration, 2019

Exhibition “Northern Spring”

21 February 2020 - Exhibition “Northern Spring”

Saint Petersburg Botanical Garden, 21 Feb - 15 March 2020

Exhibition Magnificent Tulip. Flowers of Sultan Gardens

14 February 2020 - Exhibition Magnificent Tulip. Flowers of Sultan Gardens

Aptekarskiy Ogorod Botanical Garden, Moscow
14 February - 15 March 2020

Exhibition “Daurian Flower”

6 January 2020 - Exhibition “Daurian Flower”

The exhibition “Daurian Flower”, The Botanical Garden of Moscow State University, 06.01.2020 - 14.02.2020

NEW YEAR ART Exhibition

17 December 2019 NEW YEAR ART Exhibition

NEW YEAR ART - Group Exhibition, Molbert Gallery, St. Petersburg, 17-25 December 2019