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Books illustrations

Heaven Eyes by David Almond - 2020

I am sharing some illustrations for the book I am currently working on. Heaven Eyes by award-winning author David Almond (Kachelly publishing house) is a very atmospheric novel for teenagers and young adults about children who live without parents. I am thrilled to draw such a quaint and eccentric story, something between fantasy and reality.


Poetry collection by Andrey Volkonsky - 2020

A poetry collection by Andrey Volkonsky with my drawings on the cover and 9 black & white illustrations inside.

Short stories collection by Kseniya Shustrova  - 2019

A new book by Kseniya Shustrova with my black & white illustrations.
I created 14 small drawings to illustrate her short stories. The beautiful cover by Yuliya Goncharova.

Conversations by Chandler L. Wilson - 2018

My drawing Birds is on the cover of Conversations by Chandler L. Wilson, published by C.L. Barnhouse



Psychosocial Assessment in Mental Health - 2017

My drawing Birds is on the cover of Psychosocial Assessment in Mental Health by Steve Trenoweth, Nicola Moone.

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The children's book Bamboo - 2017

The children's book Bamboo by Melissa Geddes Newbound with my illustrations is released in Fabruary 2017 and available on Amazon.

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Description from Amazon:

When young Tongqing finds a panda cub in his family's shed, the two quickly become the best of friends, but he soon finds that the rest of his family and village aren't nearly as thrilled to have the panda around as he is. Join Tongqing and Bamboo as they teach an entire village a heartfelt lesson in friendship and compassion that you and your child will likely never forget. Illustrated in the beautiful and unmistakable art of Aleksandra Kabakova.